Saturday, 10 August 2013

Susan Partridge @ World Athletic Championships Marathon

Congratulations to ex EKAC member Susan Partridge who had a tremendous run in Moscow at the World Athletic Championships Marathon.

Susan who was 24th at the last World Champs in Daegu two years ago improved on that significantly with a 10th place finish in Moscow – a very fine effort in hot conditions in Russia.

Susan clocked 2.36.24 and it is worth noting that she was the second Commonwealth athlete home in a performance that augurs very well for Glasgow 2014.

‘It was about places and I think that helped me psychologically as I started off and I was way back in the field,’ she said.

‘For a minute I did wonder if I had been a little bit too cautious, but then I thought if I have then it means that I can come back quicker and pick people off faster.

‘I know from Barcelona two years ago, which was a really hot one, that it doesn't necessarily feel right
at the start and you think ‘’it's a bit hot but I feel OK’’. It doesn't hit you until later on in the race.

‘For me once I got my rhythm going and I started to come back and focus on the next one, then I just thought ‘right, next one, there's a group up there’. I didn't really think about times and I wasn't paying too much attention to the kilometre markings, it was just all about the next person to pick off. It was a proper race.’

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